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The installation of TS PV mounting systems should be carried out by trained personnel who are familiar with the installation of photovoltaic systems. The personnel should also be familiar with working on roofs and know the local regulations regarding work safety.

Tehnosol d.o.o. accepts no liability for loss of performance or damage of any kind to the PV modules.


Tehnosol d.o.o. accepts no liability for damage and malfunctions caused by:

  • improper use o use of non-certified components.
  • unauthorized modifications to the product.
  • improper handling of the product.
  • Installation errors
  • Failure to comply with the installation instructions or planning documents.


The warranty period for TS systems is 15 years. The guarantee is only valid if the installation is carried out professionally and all system components are purchased from Tehnosol d.o.o.
If the assembly instructions or the planning documents are disregarded, the warranty will be invalidated.

Photovoltaic racking systems are not maintenance-free. Carry out maintenance annually and immediately after unusual weather events, e.g., after heavy storms or heavy snowfall, etc. If the maintenance is not carried out at the specified interval, the warranty will become void.

We point out that the product is sold within the framework of a purchase agreement. Assembly/installation by the purchaser or third parties is not carried out on behalf of or for Tehnosol d.o.o. and must be carried out by qualified personnel strictly in accordance with the installation instructions.

Tehnosol d.o.o. is not responsible for the project-related structural integrity of the roof structure, for obtaining and documenting the roof manufacturer's approval for the installation of the corresponding fasteners on the respective roof (in terms of warranties), nor for the professional execution.

Errors and damage as well as limited or insufficient functionality of the system due to incorrect installation and/or installation that deviates from the installation instructions exclude any material defect for which Tehnosol d.o.o. is responsible.

In case of improper handling, the buyer's rights of warranty for material defects shall not longer be valid. The system warranty is only valid if all system components are purchased from Tehnosol d.o.o.


To prevent personal injury and property damage, the system must be inspected regularly by qualified personnel.

The operator of the equipment must perform the following maintenance items once a year. A test of the system is necessary after severe weather events (e.g. wind storm, snow, hail, etc.) as well as after extreme events such as a hurricane or earthquake.

  • Complete System
  1. Check all components of the system for damage.
  2. Replace damaged components as soon as possible.
  • Fittings
  1. Check all screw connections.
  2. Tighten loose screw connections.